About Pirelli

Pirelli is a centenary company with over 140 years of history. Its growth is marked by its technology, the internationalisation of its brand, and the innovation of its products, shaping the future of mobility.

With the vision of moving people through technological and social progress and driving innovation in its culture, Pirelli’s mission is to deliver high-value tyres and mobility services so people can safely overcome their limits.

Pirelli identified the challenge of connecting this vital purpose with the journey of its employees and candidates to enhance the generation of value in their work experience.

Time Pirelli

Challenge statement

Facilitate the Pirelli team’s journey, with over 12,000 employees, on a journey of discovery and co-creation of a new Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Project Scope

We joined Pirelli’s HR teams, co-creating a discovery journey that involved workshops, individual interviews, and assessments so that we could integrate perspectives from leadership, business units, and the team, transforming them into identity codes.

Together, we created:

Culture diagnosis

Cultural match -
Territories map

Culture Drivers

EVP - Employer
Value Proposition

EVP Pirelli - an EVP developed from the inside out

The Pirelli EVP was built collaboratively, and together with the project’s focus group, senior leadership and employees from various levels and areas of operation located in different regions of Brazil were involved.

Based on employees’ experience, we identified collective values and essential pillars that connect with the brand’s purpose and drive people in their daily work.

The experience of each employee forms the Pirelli’s EVP; therefore, it is the actions of each employee that will make it alive and cohesive and keep it in motion.

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