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Cultural Shift for Atvos

Atvos, founded in 2007, is the world’s second largest ethanol producer, committed to clean energy. The CultureCode initiative led a transformative journey, creating a new Culture Guide, reviewing the company’s purpose and involving 9,000 employees. Through immersive experiences and dynamic training, Atvos successfully activated a new culture, resulting in operational growth and team enthusiasm.engagement.

Brand-Culture Blueprint for Blackbear

Blackbear is a one-stop-shop solution for flexible work. The company enables managers and global businesses to easily find and work with flexible resources to support their teams with work they lack time or skills for.

To enhance the new company’s momentum and growth, the leadership team at blackbear decided to collaborate with us to create a shared sense of purpose, reconnect the brand with the company’s mission, and establish a culture that aligns with the new organizational goals.

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EVP for Pirelli

Pirelli is a centenary company with over 140 years of history. Its growth is marked by its technology, the internationalisation of its brand, and the innovation of its products, shaping the future of mobility.

With the vision of moving people through technological and social progress and driving innovation in its culture, Pirelli’s mission is to deliver high-value tyres and mobility services so people can safely overcome their limits.

Pirelli identified the challenge of connecting this vital purpose with the journey of its employees and candidates to enhance the generation of value in their work experience.

Inside-out branding for Biz

Biz is a fintech that offers a complete platform for the next-gen of payments, banking, and corporate services, enabling the company to be prepared to be a protagonist in a decentralized economy.

The company operates as a Card Processor and Acquirer, Visa card Issuer, and Payment Institution. Its solutions allow any company to create its complete “digital bank”.

They are pioneers in the Hyper Customizable Flexible MultiBenefits product with the company’s brand and colors.

Inspired by the singularity of the team’s vision, a new visual identity and EVP were revealed for Brazilian fintech Biz.

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Knowledge exchange journeys for Wildlife

Wildlife is one of the world’s leading developers and publishers of mobile games. In nine years, its games have been downloaded more than 2 billion times, bringing fun to millions of people every day, everywhere.

Their aspiration is to develop games that will be remembered for generations. To achieve this goal, they seek to be best in class in each of their main disciplines: Product, Engineering, Art, Marketing and Data.

They operate with talented and passionate teams in Brazil, Argentina, Ireland and the United States.

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