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Manager Essentials | Data Summit'21
Tech Bridge’21 | Data Summit’22

A journey created for new and future leaders.

The five modules of the program ranged from Culture and Values, Psychological Safety, Employee Engagement, Experience, and Feedback to Performance Management.

The complete program includes the training content, communication materials, reference materials, pre-work, and other guidance documents, allowing any person from Wildlife’s HR team to replicate and lead the program.

“It helped a lot in my self confidence in this role as a manager. The exchange of experiences was also very good. Worth it! Amazing facilitators!”

Camila D.

“There are several points that I never really thought about before, but I think they will help me manage my team in a better way!”

Doug R.

Meaningful experience for Data Scientists from all over the world

The Data Summit’s objective was to solve challenges created by the recent company’s growth. The data scientists team was becoming a bigger remote team and needed to solve problems and share knowledge in a new way.

We facilitated a three-day online program, combining the essential technical content with team bonding moments, creating a safety field to connect, share, and collaborate.
It was a 3-day online program, with parallel experiences such as a presentation of the team’s purpose and their main areas, fireside chat, self-knowledge dynamics, and mindfulness practices.

“The Data Team online summit was a great opportunity to nurture the feeling that we were not alone, despite we were working from distance. We created a journey of belonging and connection, while decompressing and having a lot of fun together. The team really enjoyed it!”

Yaakov Kimelfeld – Chief Data Officer

Design and coordination of an blended experience to boost the knowledge and connect the data and engineering teams.

Activating and connecting knowledge between the Engineering and Data teams: this was the goal of this innovative team gathering. Professionals from various areas distributed globally attended to shared ideas and technology challenges.
The meeting took place over three days, with activities facilitated simultaneously across three different tracks where the participant could choose the topics of most interest.

The speakers were the professionals from the internal teams and presented, through their high-impact speeches, what were the purposes and challenges of their areas and the values generated for the business.

Throughout the event, besides the incredible content, the participants could also choose activities to decompress and have fun, such as guided meditation and pocket classes on photography, Peruvian food, and happiness practices.

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